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was an awesome day.

I woke up and hadn’t leaked breastmilk in bed.
In fact, they were hardly even engorged and I referred to them as shrivelled raisins, which they certainly aren’t. More hanging melons. Breasts like those seen on old (and naturally wise) indigenous women. But Chef called them dried old raisins all day. And made me laugh.
Oscar wet the bed. No, really wet the bed. As in almost half of it. But it’s OK.
The child care centre were I badly wanted Jasper to go rang me and offered me three consecutive days. It’s subsidised, it is a centre based deeply on a culture of child development (not corporate oh-my-God-these-women-want-to-work-and-have-a-family, look-at-how-much-money-we-can-make-from-them greed orientated factories) with excellent staff/child ratios, and it’s close to work.
I didn’t feel like killing anyone.
In fact, noone really even irritated me today.
I cleaned up our dining room table, the office desk, the shelving beside the desk, the piles on the floor and on the printer and the coffee table.
I went through all the boys craft crap and other useless childhood pieces of memorabilia and binned nearly all of it.
I stored away all the precious art pieces that I will show at their 18th and 21st, but will never scrapbook because what the hell is going on with the scrapbooking people???
I got to eat couscous and Sirena pesto tuna again for lunch.
Because the boys just hung out today, with minimal whinging, lots of playing and just general niceness.
Felix didn’t say the same thing 50 times over just to watch me snap.
Oscar didn’t whinge at me over and over and over.
I even gave them party sausage rolls for lunch.
Jasper took a bottle again.
Jasper did his first poo in 8 days. It looked remarkably like dijon mustard and had the consistency of tar.
It didn’t leak anywhere and was actually quite a non event.
He is so perpetually happy I feel like I’ve won the biggest and best lottery in the world.
Today he really noticed Oscar and Felix, more than ever before. He looked for them. And then beamed that big gummy smile.
I got my legs and eyebrows waxed.
When I got back, Jasper was going to bed but not really. So when I went into his room and he heard my voice, he squealed in delight, kicked his legs against the mattress and tried to roll over to see me. (He does this rolling thing really well in his sleep. He did it twice yesterday. Not so much when awake.)
I made a dinner that rocked. Lamb fillet coated in a dijon, rosemary crust, mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots. I even made a jus in the pan with the crispy bits left behind by the lamb.
I went to our friend’s place, the Doodles, for one of those educational book parties and had an absolute blast. Most of the den mothers were there.
I was in fine form.
We laughed and laughed and laughed.
And ate cheese.
And drank one glass of wine (I really can stop at one without even thinking abou it. Huh. Who would have known.)
Then I hung out with Bri in their kitchen and just shot the breeze.
It’s now 1am.
I’m going to be soooo tired tomorrow.
But it was awesome.
An awesome day.

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January 25th, 2006 at 12:49 am

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