Better late than never

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Show and tell for Tuvaluvan beauty, Blackbird: My ‘puter: This is it’s new home and the set up is not finished yet, natch.
It was displaced by a small, not very demanding and very cute being:

There will be a desk mounted to the wall.
Those hideous brackets on the wall will somehow be dealt with – I’m thinking a notice board in vinage fabric?

The hooks on the end of the bookcase are new and I’m loving them (another piece of evidence to Chef’s growing handymanness)

That grey mass is a pile of new school socks for the boys.

Yes, that’s The Incredibles DVD on top of them.
Yes, that is a notebook being used as a mousepad, as the cordless mouse only likes working on it now and not the table.

The table was Chef’s grandfathers, and underneath it Chef’s Dad has scrawled the name of a young woman, who went on to become his wife and indeed, as fate would have it, Chef’s mum. Go figure.
Yes, that is a drawer sitting on top of the printer.
You can see where it is meant to be by the presence of the other drawer already in place.
Getting that drawer in almost killed Chef.
He did it over three months ago.

So there you have it.

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January 31st, 2006 at 9:10 pm

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