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– Jasper at 8 weeks – our smiley, gurgling little fellow
– Neurofen Plus – heaven after 9+months of pathetic panadol. God Bless codeine in all its forms. (Currently used to lessen the agonising pain of pressure toothache, induced by clenching my teeth in my sleep.)
– Getting paid so I can buy as much fresh fruit and veg as my fridge and bench will hold (and then some)
– Stone fruits – today’s favourites are white nectarines (only $2.99 a kilo!) and white peaches. Mmmm. Oh, and cherries, but they go without saying.
– Going to bed early and miraculously not feeling cranky at everyone.
– Falling asleep on the lounge. During the day.
– Jasper sleeping and his little mouth and cheeks chomping away on dreams of boobiebliss.
– The boys – tired and hot at the end of the term and the year, just being still. And quiet. Sort of.
– Chef being home and starting each day with “what would you like to do today poppet?”
– Surviving 8 week immunisations, and only one of us (the baby) crying.
– Catching up with old friends.
– Parcels in the post (thanks Linda & Robbie, and Amy!)
– My 33rd birthday present arriving:

(but having a chip in the paint so going back… 🙁 New one should be hear next Tuesday. 🙂 )

– those cool summer mornings, with dew on the grass and the clearest, bluest sky.
– email. I LOVE email.
– Baking for other people.

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December 14th, 2005 at 3:31 pm

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