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I too am caught out with visitors arriving and not a thing to be done with my hair.

Goodness, Kim, what shall we serve? Over here in the Inner West I can rustle up some wine and crackers and tarama, have you done any baking over in the Northern Beaches? What am I saying! Of course you have baking, and your baking is so gooooood that any first-time visitors are bound to come back for more!

So please, the place is a mess and we’ve just been through one of our monthly tit for tat see-how-differently-we-can-blog-from-each-other-on-the-same-blog phases, but you’re very welcome to come in and look around and have a chat for a while.

Three kids apiece and one of them only 4 weeks old, you’ll just have to forgive us for not having vacuumed recently. (and thanks, Ms Michele, we’re touched.)


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November 17th, 2005 at 10:34 pm

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