If its just me who finds the Black Eyed Peas (lead singer Fergie The Urinator. The Whizzing Bandit. The Wet Spot. The Leaky Bladder. The Trouser Golden Shower. The Ninety Year-Old Urethra. with thanks to Go Fug Yourself for putting it so succinctly) latest offering – My Humps – not so much offensive but just the cause of much incredulity. even moreso that its debuted at number 1. Am I just getting old?

That it came down to Thunder Thighs over Luber Lips (the PR machine tried to make it out to be a battle of divas). Thunder Thighs (aka Bingo Wings) won in a shining tribute to Charlie’s Angels hair, fake eyelashes, excessive make-up and just b-grade talent. Those in Australia know what I’m talking about.

Why is the ugliest bra always the most comfortable, the best and most long lasting?