When all else fails…


When the not-yet-three-week-old needs to be “retaught” how to go to sleep in a cot (as opposed to on me) .
When there is about 5 loads of washing to be done but an overcast day outside.
When two children wet the bed overnight.
When your breasts.just.ache.
When you think you’ve stopped bleeding to discover – with quite a surge – that you haven’t.
When your child decides all of sudden to wipe his own bottom, but wipes only once, and really, needs to wipe about 10 times…
When there are bills to pay and groceries to buy, but no time, energy or money to do either.
When you find out ‘the baby’ has put on over 800 grams in a fortnight, and the goal was about 300. So reassuring to know I’ve bred another over-achiever.
When the baby is covered in a hormone rash and you think, “oh well, at least it gets him used to acne early on”.
When you fall asleep sitting up, watching tele, breastfeeding at 4am to wake up half an hour later with a baby asleep with nipple half hanging out his mouth and breastmilk dripping onto the lounge.

the only thing to do is bake.

Today’s effort – white choc and macadamia nut cookies:

(the baking tray was Mum’s and I believe, was a wedding present to her and dad. If not that old, it still pre-dates me…)