The ‘Who’s On First’ Guide to Family Planning

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Taronga Zoo and one of our favourite spots and this is why three really is enough.

However, just because:

  1. There are newborns on the breeze
  2. There are uterine twinges
  3. The husband is very, very nervous
  4. Kim dared me to do it, and
  5. There is the clear and present knowledge that a fourth child would be INSANE…

I found myself going through the following thought process and feeling like I didn’t know whether I was Abbott or Costello (quick re-cap for those who need it, ‘Who’s on first?’ ‘What?’ ‘No, Watt’s on second, who’s on first?’…and so on):

Before I had one, I wanted four.
Then I had one and I knew I only wanted one.
Then my one turned three, and I knew I wanted two.
Then, instead of having one more we had two, so…
… instead of having two we had three. And.
Now I have three, and I kinda think I want four.

This is so wrong. So wrong, wrong, wrong. No, no, no. No. NO.



Aren’t you glad you shared that with me?

mtc (writing, that is, not babies)

PS- Kim, I double dare you to have four. By then I might finally have worked out who’s on first!

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November 6th, 2005 at 10:22 pm

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