Sweet relief

I just emailed off my two assignments.

I love how when I pull my finger out, I really pull my finger out. Two assignments, about 5,000 words in two days.

I’m going to lie on the lounge now. We’re having fast food takeaway for dinner tonight and I’m going to bed closer to 8pm than ever before…

Now I can play. (Bec, let me know if you’re having a day off this week or next.)

This Saturday some dear friends of ours – the Doyles, who we went camping with – are having a Thanksgiving dinner. I’m making Maple Bourbon Pecan Pies.

Happy days.

PS – and Jasper, who basically cried for the better part of the last day and a half cried for about 3 minutes before going to sleep at around 1pm, and is still asleep…