Kim’s Addictions

It started with Blackbird and moved to PeaSoup, so hell, if you can’t be creative on your own, we might as well join them. PeaSoup’s 7 things is also tempting me as well, I like a list.

Top 10 current addictions
1. Bed, oh sweet sweet bed.
2. My boobs, already massive, now humongous and OH GOD the letdown!
3. My children – all THREE of them
4. My stomach – the squidgy rolls that hang down, way down – and how the hell I’ll ever get rid of them.
5. America’s Next Top Supermodel – oh the bitchy skinny stupidity – may it never ever stop
6. Who’s Line is it Anyway – this show is GOLD pure GOLD
7. Arrested Development – who knew Justin Bateman could a) act and b) be so cute
8. PayTV – and thank goodness they repeat decent shows in the middle of the night
9. The clock – what time is it, when did Jasper feed last, when will he feed again, why did he go from taking both sides every 2-3 hours to one side every four? Oh the AGONY! Think of my poor breasts buddy.
10. Stream of conciousness internal monologues on issues of clothing (or lack thereof) and personal hygiene – can I really wear these boobmilk stained pants again? Will anyone really notice my boob leaked through my t-shirt? Is it bad I haven’t washed my hair since last week (I have showered at least)? Will anyone notice how hairy my legs are (unshaved/tended too since I was 34 weeks pregnant)? If I get my legs waxed should I get my bikini line done as well – and if so – how low – or is it high – do you go these days without being seen as a prude or a hussy? And do I really need someone playing around with hot wax down there after what its been through in the last couple of weeks.

Ongoing, longstanding and unwavering addictions
1. My Family
Leaving hospital with the New Recruit

Together for 14 years, married for 8, edured me through the deepest darkest PND, indulged my desire to freelance and survived my PMT. Three boys – one dodgy chromosome, one stubborn, proud sentimentalist and one newborn. And how well I do in each and every role

2. Behold my next-in-line true loves:
Next to my children and husband, these items are pretty much used or referred to several times a week. My KitchenAid and my two cookbooks – the open one is now full (the last recipe went in early this year) and was started in 1992, the striped one is the ‘new’ one started recently and still working its way into my heart. The rule – only recipes made several times and loved are allowed entry.

3. A true addiction – I collect cookbooks, cooking magazines, recipes from websites, recipes from friends, recipes from anywhere… and this is where they live:

(Please take a moment to pay homage to the Ikea Ivar Shelving. No storage issue can NOT be solved without Ivar.)
The most referred to books are:
– the Stephanie Alexander Cook’s Companion, but a ‘situation’ with her quick red wine gravy, which took over an hour, and her quite didactic ‘do it this way or its not legitimate or you may indeed die’ style has sort of worn thin over time
– Nigella Lawson’s Feast – because the woman uses butter, fat and produces food I like to think I could create
– Allan Campion and Michelle Curtis’ Everyday in the Kitchen – possibly the most reliable, most realistic and yes, everyday in the kitchen kinda book – I love everything these two do.
– Bill Granger and Jamie Oliver’s entire selection – because really, their food (no matter how irritating either can be at any given time) has flavour, is easy and accessible.

I have every single Vogue Entertaining and Gourmet Traveller back to 1988 when I started buying them instead of of Dolly, Cleo or Cosmo. I did have to buy some of them back after a stupid moving manouvre of getting rid of some of them but the family is complete once more.

4. Order (which flies in the face of the photo above – but believe me, I know where every single book is and there is an order…) and there is the whole pegs thing…

5. Lists
From the typed and grouped shopping list, to the list of lists – I LOVE a list. A list is a beautiful thing.