It’s here, it’s finally here…


Some of you already know how long we have been waiting for this to happen. Forget the first design consultation back in June. Forget the complete re-design consultation in August. Forget the Final Order Confirmation in September…

In reality, this kitchen has been in-waiting ever since the twins started crawling and we realised that, in our wildest dreams, this little house could not sustain five mobile humans in its then configuration.

They crawled pretty early (much to the surprise of the baby health nurse who kept insisting on ‘age-adjusting’ them back three weeks because they were born at 37 weeks instead of 40 which? Hello? IS full-term for twins [especially twins who EACH weighed over 3kg or 7 pounds and had 9 and 10 Apgar scores; shit I hated that nurse, look how parenthetical she’s made me!]) so that means almost three long years have passed during which time the Prof and I have considered:

  1. getting a new house
  2. turning bedroom 3 into a kitchen and knocking out a wall
  3. getting a new house
  4. turning bedroom 3 into a lounge and retaining the wall (did it)
  5. leaving three children to sleep together in one room forever because pre-twins, the Pea Princess used to hit us with her ‘I’m the only one who has to sleep aloooooone‘ cry at bedtime
  6. leaving three children to sleep together forever as punishment for the Pea Princess daring to grow older and need her own space (dammit, why can’t the Mummy get HER own room, hmmm?)
  7. getting a new house
  8. renting a new house and keeping this one to rent out to other, smaller families
  9. adding a new storey
  10. getting a new house, and, finally
  11. getting a new kitchen at the opposite end of the room it was in, bashing out the back wall, currently clogged by old kitchen, creating masses of space and light and a Tardis-like effect where suddenly it becomes feasible to have kitchen dining and lounge all in one 5m by 4m room…

Looking back, and knowing the Prof and myself fairly well by now, I am not really surprised that we took the most idealistic approach and made it happen by sheer willpower. Oh, and more debt.

The surprising thing is, it appears to be working.

I feel my adjectival skills are not up to the task of describing the Jack London snow white-ness of the cabinets, the dwarvish mithril silver of the handles, the lionwitchwardrobe-ness of the size of the corner pantry… So I will just promise to get new batteries into the digital camera today, and post a proper update a little later on.