It’s bad when…

– for the second night of three the family has take-away for dinner even though there is a fortnightly menu plan and a well stocked cupboard and fridge…
– you are so tired because of nightly feeds and your day starting at 5am due to the eldest child’s standard wake-up and a request to play the computer.
– but then there is figure skating on ESPN and well, I just love figure skating. It’s a weakness I know
– you fall asleep on the lounge so your husband makes you go to bed
– you lie down in your bed and the New Recruit wakes up precisely F.O.U.R. minutes later for a feed
– when you go back to bed your husband has been there for about five minutes and is already snoring like a bastard
– you lie there and think of really witty things to fill your blog with
– you can’t let it go because you know there will be visitors from the other hemisphere while you sleep and they can’t miss just how witty and intelligent (as opposed to puerile and smutty) you can be
– when you get here you can’t remember any of the witty stuff, just the end of an internal monologue joke that went “so something something something that I’d even giggle if someone said sixty-nine”.