Achievements of sorts

1. Its 6.45 and I’m posting on the internet. What a marvel of inattentive parenting I am. The reason this is possible is a) my mother lives upstairs and has just read my children into quietness, b) it meant I could clean up from dinner without issue and 2. (see below)

2. One of the reasons – actually the main reason next to the lacksleep issue – for my decline in the last three days in terms of confidence and the joy of the miracle that is a newborn (stop laughing Bec) is that I’ve realised the little man has a humoungous feed, then is awake for like, anywhere up to an hour and a half (I know I know, he’s two and a half weeks old and should be sleeping, but the kid, he’s interested in the world and no, there are no jerky movements, tight fists or whinging during this time telling me he’s tired) but then, when he is tired, tricks me into thinking he’s hungry again by headbutting my chest/head/arm/nose with an open mouth and a grunting noise similar to a baby bird begging for a regurgitated worm. I’ve been falling for this masterly act of deception as well, normally it ends up being about 2 hours since he had his feed and well, the child is a giant so two hourly feeds aren’t that weird or rare and the rage, the RAGE if a nipple with spurting milk isn’t presented instantly. But then of course, he feeds for abut 5-10 minutes and falls asleep. So tonight – I cooked on through the crying (for oh, 2 minutes if that), picked him up, and then as the eyes started to close put him back, endured more crying but then – after about 40 seconds, the child, the baby – he fell asleep. Where he still is. Sleeping.

I know, its only once. I know I do not own the willpower to let my not-even-three-week-old baby do this every time he’s tired, I have two other children – the first was rocked, patted and sung to sleep and still likes to be, the second you had to lie down and sing Beatles songs – now he just needs to Beatles songs, but also could scream for up to four hours in any control crying scenario (don’t anyone say I don’t have willpower) so really, I don’t have a good track record, but I had to share this victory of sorts with someone…