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How to indulge me.Moving. Is there nothing better for the nesting spirit that to move floors and desks at work??? I mean, its just one desk, not our entire administrative life (that I’m tackling with on the home front as I try to move everything onto the new office shelves and off the floor/other shelves or out of the filing cabinet) so bring on the Spray and Wipe and watch me fly!

Even better – when they don’t fix the phone tags, so my phone hasn’t rung all day. Do you know how divine that is? Silence. Do you know how much work you get done!?!

Apparently a change in appetite is indication labour is ‘not far off’. I hate phrases like that as my ‘not far off’ is sometime today whereas to someone else it obviously means ‘anytime in the next three weeks’.


I suffered complete appetite lose over the weekend – which as you know is enough to send me into quite a tailspin. The day food is not top of mind for me is an equally curious and troubling day indeed. Anyway, I haven’t felt much like anything today either, until this afternoon.

The consumption in the time from 12.45pm to 2.45pm reads as follows:
– three pieces of left over pizza. Cold.
– 2 wedges of fresh pineapple
– the MOST divine citron tart from La Renaissance, the best French bakery in Sydney.
– a Haigh’s cherry chocolate finger from Ariel books
– a cup of tea w/ two biccies

Suddenly I feel like I’m doing the pregnant sorority proud.

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October 5th, 2005 at 9:39 pm

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