Sleeping…or not

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It is 1.38am here. I went to bed at 7pm last night. It failed. Firstly, because the boys were so tired as well I just lay in bed listening to them whinge, cry, be angry with Chef. Finally, they went to bed – crying a cacophany because “Mummy, she puts us to bed”, “I waaaaaant Mummeeeeee”, “Mumma not dadda” etc etc etc.

After getting up and giving them the “this family is a team” pep talk, telling them I was disappointed in their behaviour and that, just as mummy did, if you know you are that tired that the only response to the world you’re going to have is a cranky one, then take yourself off to bed and save the world from having to experience it, blah blah blah I went back to bed. I think I finally went to sleep around 8.30.

So now, its 1.42 and I’m awake. This is so normal now – as in, there are so many consecutive nights that I am basically awake for any stretch of time between 1am and oh, say 4am, that I went, hey, I’ll tell the Net about it because well, I’ve got to whinge somewhere and Chef’s snoring and drooling is indicating he ain’t hearing me.

Now, and just because it is 1.44am, and I’m feeling quite overly “this kid is never coming out”, and Bec’s schizo entry hasn’t done it, here is a tip for some of our delightful readers… at the end of each entry, it says who has entered it – so no need to get confused as to who has written the entry any more. Come on peoples. Work with me on this one. No one, and i mean n.o.o.n.e. is going to get any misguided glory when it comes to the birthing story of this kid, OK. so lets work it out now…

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October 8th, 2005 at 2:37 am

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