It’s not just 9 month pregnant women who get bladder problems…

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Some of you are quite aware of my need for a point of focus to obsess over for anywhere from an hour to a lifetime (clothing peg colouration for example).

The latest has been the fishtank, which in a nesting frenzy I completely overhauled and as a result, killed the thee fish we’d owned for over 18 months.

The new haul seem pretty happy with their lot, the tank looks sensational, the water quality and temperature has stabilised blah blah blah.

Part of the new fish family is a black googly-eyed one. I know I know, it has a proper fish name but I’m sorry, it has googly eyes so that is its official scientific name in this house. I got it because apparently its good feng shui to ahve a black fish. And we all know Chef and my horrendous financial history is solely due to the position of our bed/mirrors/stairs where ever we’ve lived for the last 14 years (8 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow!). This feng shui stuff is really really real.

The woman in the pet shop told me they are pretty dopey fish – in fact, the most dopey you can get. Call me sick, but I thought it pretty cool – in a warped way admittedly – to have a dopey fish. I mean, their life is not that complex, so for a fish to be dopey is so beyond the ‘let me pat the rabbit George, let me pat the rabbit’ there was no choice but to buy it.

Well, my incredulity and laughing-at the dopey googly eyed black fish naturally segued to a ‘what’s wrong with my fish’ search this morning on google (I can only imagine my industriousness in this regard when I actually do finish work tomorrow and can spend untold hours surfing the net for inane information on my latest psychosis).

Apparently, dopey has swim bladder. That’s right. We’ve moved up the chain from fish diseases to fish disorders. Next we’ll have a possessed fish that talks.

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October 10th, 2005 at 7:23 am

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