It dawned on me this morning…at 5.14

that yesterday’s malaise, the one that made me cranky at the world while also so physically spent it was a challenge to brush my hair but not too tired to go through the boys wardrobe like a dose of salts and pack stuff away/rearrange for summer clothing and uniforms/create pile for St Vinnies or school clothing pools etc, was primarily due to living the last full week of work and that I was just exhausted.

Today, I feel like I’ve been supercharged. It’s Mum’s birthday so there was a sensational brekkie-in-bed creation of bacon and eggs – and let me just say, no-one does a sunny-side-up-fried-egg as well as I. I’m going to make our family’s boiled fruit cake for her, a baked leg of lamb for dinner and lemon delicious for dessert. I haven’t decided which one to post on our shameless-cross-promotion site yet – both the lemon delicious and fruit cake recipes have been in my family for four generations, so these are not things you give away lightly people.

I’m also going to make a batch of lemon biscuits – a tasty plain vanilla biscuit, topped with lemon icing – that the boys (and I) adore and that they love helping me with. These are biscuits that were one of the first things I learnt to cook (along with the fruit cake, lemon delicious and pavlova – are we seeing a pattern here?) and have such a special place in my heart. You know, one of those foods that on the first bite trigger memories of staying at my nan’s, cooking as a child standing on a chair in the kitchen, making them all by myself for the first time and all that kind of stuff.

Man, I’ve just reread this – bundles of energy, cooking, childhood memories – I am so pregnant.

Bec – I never got into the Buff, but have so many friends that did I am moderately intrigued. The question then arises, did you stay up at 10.30pm on Wednesday to watch Joss Whedon’s new series Firefly (that got dumped, so he thumbed his nose at them and turned it into the movie Serenity – which is awesome. I don’t know who this Nathan Fillion is who plays the lead, but he is a babe).