In my defence, I’ve been THAT pregnant once or twice myself…

Hey you! Lucinda! Yeah, you.

Lucinda said…
Hey. It doesn’t seem fair that Bec is making a tired, overworked pregnant woman do all the posting

Kim’s prolific, okay? Weirdly zoo-hating, strangely peanut butter chilling, bizarrely orderly in the peg-sorting department, but definitely prolific in a positive sort of way. And honestly, given the gal’s size at this point she has little left to her in the way of activity and social interaciton that does not involve a keyboard.

It’s almost a community service for me to leave the page clean on our blog so she can drag her massively pregnant carcass over to the computer and plug the gap. She’s fulfilled, I’m amused, how much more does the world want?

And anyway (trying not to snigger) pretty soon she won’t be pregnant any more and let’s see who carries the blogging load then, hmmm?