Idiot Parenting 101 (posted for Kim, who is too angry to type…)

Last night AB picked me up from Collaroy, as I got on an express that doesn’t stop at Narrabeen. He picked me up, then told me we just had to stop at Woollies to pick up some salad stuff.

As we headed to the check-out I asked if the meat was cooked already. He said, ‘it should be’. at which point I discovered he had left the boys at home, with the barbeque on, with meat ON IT.

After minutes of incredulity and ‘can you hear fire engines yet?’ we were on our way home when I asked if Mum was eating with us (or something along those lines). That was when I found out she.wasn’t.home.

That’s right – AB had left the boys at home, ALONE, with a bbq on, with meat on it, ALONE.

When I got inside, the next door neighbour was there, and apparently the husband and wife on the other side had also been in – bear in mind I have – they arrived because.of.the.screaming. of my terrified children as smoke billowed out of the BBQ.

Oscar – bless his mutated cotton socks – had gone to get help while Felix screamed and screamed and cried and screamed for help.

And we are about to bring a third child into the world.


(nb, AB, you’ve just overtaken the Professor’s effort of going out to the shops and leaving ONE FIVE year old in charge of TWO ONE year olds – but you only win because he didn’t actually leave the three of them with a supply of burning gas, At least, I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Bec.)