Further thoughts on government ‘bonuses’

I have VERY mixed emotions on the whole $3000 baby payment – as everyone has touched on, its such a spurious amount for a lifetime of joy, bliss and marvel. OK – you all know that’s the “i’m so pregnant brain”.

For those older, wiser and burnt by the “I already have kids” stick, we all know that $3000 is so incidental its laughable. People, there is a reason there is a whole naive excited subsection of the “we’re having a baby!” population that refers to this payment as the Plasma TV Screen bonus. For those of us in the twice bitten three times oh-dear-god-we’re-fertile camp $3,000 covers:
– about 6 weeks of daycare (? Bec – you can shed better light on this as you still live the hell that is daycare)
– 4-5 months of Oscar’s speech therapy
– if you’ve gone private – part of your obstetrician’s costs

which brings me to my main point. (For our conservative Liberal readers, you can stop now because you’ll just get cranky, or read to see how the other half thinks – but send me a comment about the importance of the economic bottom line as if its a stand alone construct with no bearing/impact or reliance on human beings, the environment and an over-riding social conscience and be warned, there is nothing more scary than the wrath of a heavily pregnant woman scorned – or lectured to.) This is just another vaguely covert (I say vague because Howard – we.are.not.as.stupid.or.as.gullible.as.you.think.) gesture by our current hideous Federal government to undermine a fundamental component of the Australian political landscape and part of our ethical and moral make-up that is public – ie EQUAL – access to quality public systems such as health and education. You see – the thought process is not ‘let’s offer people $3,000 to have a kid because those first few months adjusting to one income (because a woman’s place is in.the.home. so paid maternity leave won’t EVER be on our ticket) can be tough’ it’s ‘let’s butter them up so when they get all concerned over the puritanical, draconian, highly elitest policies we want to introduce down the track, that will guarantee us rich folk really can live without looking at those have-nots or hear them belly-ache about how much it costs to live, we can say how generous we are to the.whole.population.

I am guessing you all realise just how much I could go on in this vein.

Wow, so much anger, frustration and vitriol on a Saturday morning.