39 weeks

A short update as really any difference between 38 weeks and 39 weeks is just a sliding scale of crankiness and over-it-ness. Still, the incubus is definitely sitting lower, otherwise the burning like shooting pains coming from deep in my pelvis are a whole new excitement sensation never before experienced.

But more importantly – today was the first day of maternity leave. I spent the whole day having weird little panic attacks of “oo, I better get back” (as in, to work) and then little light moments of fancy realising “oo, no I don’t!”.

So, Sharon and I went to lunch at Chef’s place, who made us THE best tasting plate this side of anywhere, then we went to Chef’s boss’ other business – Uovo – a groovy homewares store with awesome fabrics and other expensive ‘stuff’ I would love to fill my house with.

I tell you, I’ve only got 18 weeks of this and I am going to make the most of each and every day of it. Well, until the incubus is on the outside, I leak from every orifice, experience that exhaustion where sitting on the lounge, showered and dressed is a really great daily achievement.

Oh – in my attempts to treat dopey fish’s swim bladder, I think I cooked it (you’re meant to remove it from the tank and slowly warm the water its in to dislodge the air bubble inside it or clear the constipation that may be causing it. It seemed to be working, in that a very thin poo trail started to appear, so I added ONE teaspoon more of warm water and well, it went belly-up in more ways than one). Yup, 6 fish dead in a month. Bring it on incubus I say.