What a strange thing is appetite

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This will come as no surprise to Incubator Kim, but appetite is a really weird thing, is it not?

I’ve been hit by a Flu Train this past week – more like 10 days now – and apart from the appalling weakness, narcolepsy, coughing and migraines, the very worst thing about it is the loss of appetite.

For 10 days now I’ve suffered from a lack of Me. Me = varied and spiced foods, liberal quaffing of wine, double shot lattes and daily menu planning and ingredient-foraging.

All gone; all, all gone.

I’ve tried to get Me back. I’ve watched as much Lifestyle Channel as migraines and an Iain Hewitson allergy will allow; I’ve picked up recipe books in my pale and trembling hands and put them straight back on the shelf; I’ve stared into the fridge for minutes on end, hoping that something, anything would make me want to eat again.

But no Me anywhere. Not yet, at least.

I felt a flicker of hope with today’s Australian Magazine devoted entirely to spring food and wine. Weirdly, though, I found myself reading it for the articles rather than the recipes, and then I fell asleep. Again.

When I woke up I tried again because the picnic recipes did look a bit attractive and I’d noticed the two tart recipes were shaped for my own favourite tart pans. But again, weirdly, no genuine Me interest emerged: I got obsessed with the very impractical outfits the female picnic models were wearing and could tell you more now about the ridiculously expensive Dinnigan top than the quiche ingredients.

And that’s not like Me at all.

If there is any justice out of losing Me for a week or two, it should manifest in at least a couple of kilos lost. I doubt it will be that much, however, as my lack of food intake is offset by my total lethargy. If there is any loss it won’t be enough to inspire a celebration but it might serve another, quasi-scientific purpose…

That is, I could – 21 Grams style – measure the loss of my appetite in the loss of weight from this dastardly disease. After all, it’s the closest I can come to losing my soul while I’m still breathing.


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September 3rd, 2005 at 6:00 pm

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