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Yes, it has been some time, weeks even since my last tirade about the rude, selfish, devil spawn that live on the Northern Beaches and catch whichever bus I am catching.

Today, at 35 weeks pregnant, regularly receiving gasps from people when they ask how much longer I’ve got to go and when I reply truthfully, enduring them sucking in a breath so deep it screams, ‘man, you look like you should have dropped yesterday’, I had to stand

Now sure, the woman with the ginormous breasts (I can say that because I am of like kind) offered her seat after she’d finished reading the Manly Daily, which prompted the man in a home knitted jumper next to her to offer his seat, to which I naturally replied, out of sheer fury melted onto blind pride, “No, I do not want your seat.” and when they both – so earnestly – after making me stand half way and being soooo caring said, “are you sure?” I replied, in the most you-heathen-scum-may-you-burn-in-hell tone I could muster without tears or tirade, “yes. Yes I am sure.”

Now while you all snigger and mutter at my damn stupid foolish pride. Answer me this. If someone does not have it in their being to see a heavily pregnant woman getting on a bus and therefore automatically offer their seat, do you really want their seat when about half way into the hour journey they either decide they’re not too fat and/or lazy to stand the remainder of the trip or the guilt just gets too much for them? I don’t want pity. I don’t want charity. I want common human decency to prevail. Am I asking too much? Really? Thought so.

Anyway, the day was so much more productive when fuelled by the cold hard anger only a pregnant woman knows.

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September 12th, 2005 at 9:20 pm

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