Suckful tamowhatseez

I have just been inducted into the world of Tamagotchi.

Literally this week.

I bought them on e-bay so I’m only one small step up from you oh miss-hand-me-down-accepter-Bec.

Felix’s broke on the first morning – ie the battery died. It let us know by starting this high pitched whirring noise at around 5.10am. This is not an unusual waking time for me as Oscar is an early god forsaken riser, but I haven’t seen Chef almost fall out of the bed when he realised just how awake he was at 5.15 since I actually did push him out of bed in a desperate attempt to stop the snoring when we’d been going out for about a minute, and we were sleeping in his single bed in his uni dorm, sleeping being the optional word as it was at that age and that point of the relationship where we could, and did, have sex between 4 and 6 times a night. It was a dramatic re-enactment of ‘there were ten in the bed’ and I would have peed myself laughing had he not been so angry and hurt that I actually had pushed.him.out.of.the.bed.

Oscar’s just beeps and beeps and beeps.

I am yet to recall anything so hideous from my own childhood that performed the role of i.r.r.i.t.a.n.t. to my parents as much as these absolute cons do to us. Anyone? Anyone?