something I wrote for here on Friday

It’s Friday afternoon. It’s 5.20pm and I’m still at work. yes, I have a ludicrous amount to get through but really, the reason I’m still here is because I’m just too tired to go anywhere else.

Because it involves the bus, and worse, the and at this point, I just don’t have the energy.

I’m wondering if I could sleep here or at least hold out until AB feels sorry for me and comes and picks me up. This is not going to happen.

So I’m trying to psyche myself up to:
a) stand up,
b) leave the building,
c) walk the 10 minutes down the road,
d) stand in the bus queue and then
e) get on the bus and endure the trip home.

See, its exhausting just thinking about it.

About the only thing inspiring me is Bec’s phelgm induced epiphany to overhaul our routine to solely focus on food, sex, celebrities, the occassional parental info dump.