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When you hear (and see) your child reading whole sentences in a whole story (not just the five word, one line kinda readers).

Even moreso when two weeks ago ‘the’ note came home – the one along the lines of “it has been recognised that your child is failing to recognise basic first stage sight words. Please practice these daily to assist your child’s literacy”.

How to strike blind determination into Kim = send a note home saying your child can’t read. If it’s not a daily enough challenge for me to accept I, ME, KIM THE TALK UNDERWATERER, has produced a child with a profound speech disability, there is I’ve produced one that can’t read. So yes, while we all know Flix has done this because he was good and ready, it is really because in the last two weeks “we’ve” practiced innumerable sheets of sight words, practiced with laminated, magnetised sight word cards on the fridge, and ‘played’ and picking words out in the newspaper that we know. That’s right. It’s all me me me. The child is still a genius though. In his own right. Although he did come from me. Not that I’m stealing any of his glory. I’m NOT!

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September 7th, 2005 at 9:16 pm

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