Sleep and white spot

The fish. They have white spot (thank you oh Internet, fount of all wisdom). I went to scoop Gus out today but then he swam away. I figure I should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anyone who has any suggestions (as for the third day I am sure Chef will not do as I request and go to the fish shop for guidance/water treatments/life-saving-measures-for-the-fish) or experience in this regard feel free to share.

Sleep – apart from now waking to turn over and going to the toilet twice a night, regardless of fluid consumption in the, oh, TEN hours before going to bed – I am feeling much better this morning.

I raised the shelf location with Chef and he – naturally – thought that was where I wanted it. (the concept of spite is completely lost on this man.)

You all do realise that I really don’t care where the shelf is (Chef is putting it up on the wall – ie BUILDING something for heavens sake, as if in a sane mind I wouldn’y just be sitting back marvelling at the miracle that is) so thank you all for indugling my need to just be a cranky tired teary pregnant woman.