On a lighter note

Gus and Goldie are not dead. Yet. Gus still has an unnerving habit of lying listlessley on the bottom of the tank, on his side but then springs to life when food is served. I’m guessing that as the bacteria level returns to something a bit more acceptable and pre-Kim-is-nesting, they may pick up.

and some things I’m exultant about:
– Chef winning the tender for the new cafe. We are officially partners in a business that Chef will manage and be head chef for. This is life-changing moment stuff. Seeing him so excited about something it quite exilerating.
– Spring rain
– Lavender
– My OggaBoy talking more and more, showing far greater interest and commitment in various development milestones like dress-ups, reading, writing, and counting. Today he wanted to write Felix’s name and did a capital F and an e all.by.himself. before needing/wanting help.
– My OggaBoy putting on his own shoes AND starting to do buttons up. This is in miracle territory for me. So proud. So very very proud.
– That our family is about to become five. Sure it’s going to be an absolute shit-fight. Sure there’s going to be years of daycare fees, dreadful sleep, hair-pulling frustration, but really, in my heart of hearts, all I ever wanted in terms of success was to have a big happy family, and this is one more tick against the list of “when I grow ups…”
– Watching – with complete and utter wonderment – Felix learn. How remarkable the human brain can be.