Ode to ikea

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My sister-in-law and her hubbie reckon Ikea is Swedish for fucking pain in the arse. I can not begin to explain just how far at the other end of the spectrum I am teetering.

As someone who is fiercely houseproud (and yet, live in a permanent state of grime, gunge and general disarray) Ikea in my world is Swedish for heaven on earth. Except the building it yourself part, but hell, isn’t that why you get married?

So, the current inventory in our house of Ikea products:

  • Lounge (which I washed on the weekend – cushion covers in the machine, arms on lounge by hand – then dragged bases out onto back veranda to dry)
  • Lots of Ivar shelving, which I’m bored of as we’ve had it for about 9 years and is about to be relegated to the garage for storing camping gear and Vacola jars.
  • two expedite shelving units – one in boys room, one in process of being mounting on wall in new home office location (but in the wrong place. . .another post in itself)
  • wardrobe in baby’s room
  • bedside tables in our room (again v. bored with them as they’re 9yrs old and are of wire basket/uni student variety)
  • two long tall units for storing CDs/DVDs/xbox games
  • Grundtal metal shelving in kitchen, and laundry inlcuding spice rack, magnetic knife bar, paper dispenser
  • Bedding and cushions on ‘daybed’ in baby’s room
  • hanging clothes storage in boys room and baby’s room
  • storage boxes for home office, boys toys and baby’s room
  • dining room chairs (inherited, don’t go with anything in house, not very comfortable but cheap – ie free – and there’s 8 of them)
  • bath mats and other sundry household items like plastic containers, chopping boards, spice jars etc.

So you see, without Ikea we would still be completely furnished with mismatched hand-me-downs and stuck in a uni-student realm all the while having kids and supposedly living the middle class dream…

Sure, I want a house packed with $12,000 lounges from Poliform, dining tables from Dattner, and funky ‘pieces’ from Space or other groovy funky look-how-successful we are kinda shops, but it just ain’t going to happen. So happy Swedish land we are.

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September 27th, 2005 at 9:30 pm

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