Its 12.10pm

and I am still up. In fact, I only just got home as post uni a few of us from last semester’s excellent class (as oppossed to the highly disappointing, filled with earnest, lame, old people who bang on about ‘showing their age’ as if its endearing class this semester) met up for dinner and a drink – at a pub, surrounded by uni students. What fun!

Anyway, tonight I presented a seminar and my biog piece was workshopped. This represents 60 per cent of my grade, and I’m going to say it right up front, the appalling lack of effort, commitment, enthusiasm and input I have put into it this semester has impressed even myself.

That said, it was SO nice to go out with normal people (not the freaksville of class) and finally lay into those that drive us nuts. In the words of Kamahl, why are people so unkind… because its petty and fun, that’s why.