Here by request (mostly his) The Gorgeous Boy

The Gorgeous Boy, formerly known as Mighty Mouth, particularly during his breastfeeding period.
Hovering over my shoulder almost heavily enough (but not quite) to count as a massage, he has been anxiously watching the other pics go up and asking:
“Where’s my photo, mummy?”
“It’s coming, sweetheart.”
“Is that my photo? That’s not my photo, mum.”
“No, hon, not yet.”
“What aboooooouuuutt…. What about you do MY photo next, mummy?”
“Yes, gorgeous, you’re next.
“Is it my turn now?”
“Yes, baby, yours will be next.”

Sadly, the imperatives of domestic life being what they are, the GB is now in bedtime mode and won’t get to see his pic up on screen until the morning… Nighty-night, Gorgeous Boy.

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