Cumin soon: my new favourite thing

I’m having a bit of a thing with cumin at the moment.

Powdered cumin, that is, not the seeds, which I also love, especially toasted as part of the spice mix with coriander and turmeric that turns into sweet potato soup… but I digress. Spring is in the air, the jasmine is flowering and I am, like, SO totally over soup.

So, to cumin, which is appearing at least once a week in our house simply rubbed all over a lightly oiled pork fillet or chicken breast or lamb backstraps (gush: is there nothing cumin can’t do?) and then cooked in the trusty grill pan.

The cumin gives a fantastic light crusty brown when the meat is cooked and the flavour is just right: not too subtle, not too strong.

Bit of lemon over the top and cous cous or lentils mixed with diced tomato, coriander, mint and spring onions underneath.

Outstanding leftover potential, virtuous eating and looks extremely impressive on the plate. Such a nice change from re-heating pasta and cheese for the short people.

Guess what? I got my Me back.