Be afraid…

Today, as I worked from home with a child who had come down with what I had yesterday and was setting himself the challenge of seeing just how many times he could watch Spy Kids 3 back-to-back, the cleaner came.

I believe ‘the cleaner’ is largely responsible for saving our marriage, as many of my cranky harridan moments related to domestic oblivion issues. They still do but there is much to be said for knowing someone will come through your house once a week with a ruthless eye and duster to reduce said crankiness.

Anyway, I just mopped the bathroom floors. Again. After ‘the cleaner’ had done them maybe 6 hours ago. Not just mopped, there was some caustic spraying involved, a bit more I-kill-everything liquid in the mop water and then the mop with the scourer on the edge, just to

Then, because I was on a roll, I redid the kitchen floor as well.

This is on top of yesterday’s effort which involved going with Chef to Ikea to buy bedding for the day-bed ensemble I wanted in the nursery. I figure as I didn’t have to go to all the effort to create the room I can now do the pretty things like cushions and linen. But of course there was the temperature and issue of gastro as to why I was home in the first place.

The weekend saw me completely overhaul the fishtank too – we’re talking even replacing the gravel. Sure, the original three fish that were in the tank, that we’ve had for over 18 months, now look like they are gasping their last breaths (btw – the new fish are just lovin it…so maybe there’s some bullying going on, or maybe the water is now at the proper ph as I got a special tablet thingy so the original inhabitants aren’t coping without the manic fluctuations in acidity or alkalinity they’re used to) but man, the tank looks awesome.

You see, tomorrow is officially 37 weeks and I believe this is what is called the home stretch. Of course, if it follows Felix’s lead, I’ve got another five weeks. I can’t imagine how clean this house is going to be if the incubus takes that long to join the fold on the outside.