A big day for small things

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Email sent to my GM today. We know each other well and he sent me a great reply, which I am NOT going to publish, but now I’ve re-read this I’m thinking: I’ve kept the office out of our blog, but am I bringing the blog into my office?

When I started working here almost two years ago my joy in my new job was ever-so-slightly marred by annoyance that the scrolling wheel on my mouse did not function.

As I used a scroll wheel frequently at home, it was a daily frustration to come into the office and attempt to move through my email with an inoperative wheel.

Many seconds were lost each day. Many wasteful keystrokes and dragging actions occurred. Many workmates’ ears were burned with my futile invective.

Eventually the part of my tiny brain that manages mouse functions learned to Leave The Wheel Alone and a kind of grudging peace set in.

Today, suddenly and quite by accident, I found that the wheel now turns meaningfully, effortlessly and with a delightfully vertical sense of purpose.

I was so surprised I nearly fell off my chair, thereby almost replacing a wrist-based OHS issue with a much larger problem.

I believe this operability may have been due to an upgrade of software somewhere in our system. It’s certainly not an upgrade in my mouse, which nurses the same coffee stains and desk fluff it’s always had.

Despite this being the day I found out the [extreme church sect I can’t name because of doocing potential] believe computers constitute a misuse of God’s materials, I have to risk my eternal soul and pass on my thanks to whoever made the wheel turn.

Thank you.


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September 14th, 2005 at 7:10 pm

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