Nude Tuesday

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I’m not sure anyone has recovered from my nude ablutions dream from last week to regale you with further dreams of public nudity and unavoidable humiliation…

Bec – I DREAM of being able to lie on my back – for ANY activity. I think it was about week 8 my lower back kicked out and the sciatica trully kicked in, so as I’m trudging through week 31, battling off a cold/flu thing, realising half way through uni tonight that “gee that feels like a period pain” and coming home to a pink wipe (I know you’ll know what I mean) I am dreaming of:
– sleeping on my back
– not having that weird burning feeling as my ligaments stretch beyond the bounds of my body’s known universe
– a big wee
– a normal poo
– not needing a toilet ever hour – at least
– no heartburn
– to be able to bend over

but most of all…
to drink alcohol without guilt whenever I feel like it.

Oh, and I reckon the incubus has a twitch or something as instead of dull thuds I get these spasms of action, which I imagine, if I were to have a fit, would look a lot like what it feels like is going on inutero.

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August 16th, 2005 at 11:17 pm

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