Not yet son, not yet.

An exchange with Felix, which I belive was spurred by lack of parent control over television viewing and just WAY too much watching of The Suite Life – a HIDEOUS program that is basically this generation’s answer to Full House.

F: Mummy, am I grounded?
M: Not yet mate, not yet.
F: When will you ground me?
M: Probably when you’re around 15 and sneak out of the house at night.
F: Why?
M: Because that’s not what you do.
F: Why?
M: Because I hope that as you get older we have a wonderful relationship where we talk to each other have respect for each other. So that you understand there will be times I don’t let you do something, and you understand I’m not doing it to ruin your life or because I am mean, but because I love you and want the best for you.
F: Where would I go to?
M: When?
F: When I sneak out of the house?
M: Well, you won’t do that so it doesn’t matter.
F: But if I did.
M: probably to a friends house or something.
F: Like a party.
M: Yes, maybe.
F: But why wouldn’t you let me go to a party?
M: Can we have this discussion when the situation arises? Not now, because I’m sure, in a decade neither you nor I will recall it.
F: OK.
M: OK.
F: But can you still ground me?
M: Sure Felix. You’re grounded.
F: Cool.