Can’t talk…sobbing

how can you not love Ricky “you take an Aboriginal man and a CHinese man and we are the same, except an Aborigine has a much larger penis”??? I mean, puerile humour at its best. And Jai’me – I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MANY GIRLS I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH WHO ARE JAI’ME. I can instantly think of about 10, and we’re hedging 15 years ago now.

I.just.don’t.understand? Where did we go wrong? Can we ever pick up the pieces?

In case the flames needed more fire, I watched (only in passing though) the finale of Big Brother tonight over Four Corners – as fear mongering about how many Indian call centre workers are passing my woeful credit rating onto others and getting PAID for it – was just too much for me to bear.

But once again, it returns to Brad’s arse. Sigh. You know, it has the shape and form of Mel Gibson’s in the first Lethal Weapon when he was young, virile and sexy, as opposed to old, virile and kookily religious.

But Bec, if now you’re going to tell me that you find Eric “Desert Boots” Bana sexy I’m going to have to suggest therapy to get us through this period of discovery turmoil.


PS – considering the plethora of very average porn you can access remarkably easy on the web, why can’t I find a picture of brad’s arse to post for everyone’s benefit? I shall bookmark this for further discussion on “Sunday is philosophy day”.