another tawdry confession

The other night I caught a few moments of “Win a date with Tad Hamilton“. There were only a few moments as well, Chef was home, and I knew that watching a movie of that calibre when there was Friday night football (AFL of course) and live cricket on was just too greater threat to marital harmony. Plus, who can really watch a movie with the lead called Tad? (Note to self: another Philosophy Sunday topic – what is it with Americans and weird names)

But this dear friends, caught my eye and has been lingering ever since (although Brad’s butt has been doing much to loosen its grip)

World, this is Topher Grace. Again with the weird name I know, but in what is quite obviously a Germaine Greer moment, this man child of 1978 is going to be the next generations Brad. I stand by this comment for at least the next week, until the ‘who is this guy’ curiosity factor wears off.