the outskirts of Crazytown

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As you can probably tell, my headspace is pretty cloudy at the moment and I’ve realised things that should therefore not be added to the mix:
– red wine (sorry incubus)
– caffeine (again, sorry incubus and I’m sure I’ll stop clenching my jaw and shaking any time soon now)
– raisin toast w/ butter – the heartburn, combined with the caffeine induced manic sense of apprehension is killing me!

Things I should be doing:
– drinking green tea
– listening to ClassicFM as opposed to Nova or Triple J
– eating lots of fruit and vegetables (that won’t happen until after payday on Thursday week)
– thinking calm and happy thoughts (not how draconian the Liberals or how fascist employer organisations are, or how rude and selfish Sydney has become or how my life and mental wellbeing is completely hinged on the state of our bank balance)

because it dawned on me this morning that if I stay on this road of ugly thoughts, I may, in the words of one of my favourite websites, “plunge into a dark downward spiral the likes of which will make Kate Holmes-Cruise’s recent antics look like nothing more than a gentle gust of wind on the outskirts of Crazytown.. . . .

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July 6th, 2005 at 12:11 pm

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