Ok Ok…

Lets take a moment to bask (sp?) in the glory that is not listening to me wail on and on about the ills of the world unchecked anymore.

WELCOME BACK BEC! You have been sorely missed.

I take offense at the notion I am deep on any level – particularly as I regularly critque those I work with for what they wear and their very personalities and, with my growing girth and the fact no denim will probably ever grace this body again lest it forms a tarpolin, it is a real case of throwing stones whilst standing centrecourt in a glass house, just for kicks and a giggle with the snappy dressers I work with.

I also take real issue with the zoo. The zoo blows. There, I said it. Firstly, its built on a cliff face. Secondly, my children insist on what I call impulse viewing – ie, in no logical start at the top work to the bottom order of animal sightings, but “lets see the tigers!” “lets see meer cats!” “lets see the giraffes!” blah blah blah – and screaming tantrums if we attempt anything less energy sapping and mountain climbing.

Seriously, there is someone sitting in a control room somewhere, watching zoo CCTV and laughing all the day long as parents as stupid as us indulge our children in these various whims of ambling all over the mountainside.

Finally, you are really setting a bad bad example for the rest of us with kids who actively avoid physical intimacy, let alone in.the.morning.when.the.kids.are.sleeping. I’m not shocked as I know what you two are like, but I’m disappointed. You know its that sort of activitiy that results in incubi…

Having said that, and not one to ever be outdone, AB is quietly, well actually quite publicly, rejoicing at the pregnancy hormone flow-on effect in that area of our lives and is using it as the main reasoning behind him believing the incubus is a boy.