Image conscious

This is bad, this is very very bad… now we have pictures and I just want to play!

Before I do, however, re the shot of Mr and Mrs Federline, did you notice that oh-so-high school action of running her hands up inside his sleeves? What is she doing in there – checking that Lil Kim hasn’t slipped down his collar to hide from the Mob?

In the interest of Wednesday being Washing Day let’s visit a favourite – the Mobile Crotch Ache himself

And now, just for the record, take a look to the right

What on earth was she ever doing with him in the first place?

Here’s Shane’s current take on the issue
“Unfortunately we live in a society which is pretty judgemental on whatever you do. I have had to live with that. I have loaded the bullets myself a few times. I have made you guys’ jobs very easy.”
Yes, Shane, we’re pretty judgemental (sic) when it comes to SERIAL ADULTERY AND REPEATED PUBLIC HUMILIATION OF YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN.


And a final juicy link to a TomKat moment, which is too much fun to miss.