Happiness is…

In light of my scary dark moments a few weeks back, I’ve decided to relish the happier lighter moments as well, rather than just taking them for granted by not referring to them and not writing dark, grim, morose posts. So, happiness is:
– the boys attacking me as I walk through the door each night
– the boys climbing into bed and falling back to sleep but not at FIVE AM like this morning
– Chef’s little text messages throughout the day asking how I am and how my day is going
– the projects I get to work on at work, and the sense of self and satisfaction I get from them
– cooking, baking, cooking, baking, cooking, baking – and seeing how happy and appreciative people are of it
– Oscar’s spontaneous cuddles, and Felix’s relentless smooches and sweet nothings he says to me each and every day. Apparently I’m as beautiful as a swan, a princess and a unicorn.
– clear winter days with stunning blue skies and not a cloud to be seen.
– reading Dooce every day and not feeling alone in the weird and wacky world of parenting
– reading Go Fug Yourself and feeling like I’ve had a drug fix
– my friends. Knowing they know me and that my silence is not intentional, just appalling correspondence ability. Knowing they have similar thoughts and experiences as I have and drawing immense comfort from not being alone in any of those.
– Chef’s custard.