Even greater evidence of pregnancy than the bump and possible V.V.V.

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Today, in the glorious sunshine I had a truly pregnant day of spontaneous tears and impressive yelling at children for nothing more than them being children.

As Oscar endures his ‘wearing in’ of super legs – which made me cry as much as him so therefore descended the situation to hell as parental weakness = victory, even in the teary eyes of the most gorgeous child in the world – I am trying the diversion of every musical DVD known to mankind. We’ve gone through Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and are now onto Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Incase the medical tests, the impressive girth, the pelvic congestion and the almost constant internal kicking wasn’t proof enough. Felix asked me, “what’s the name of that boy?” (as in Charlie) to which I replied, “I can’t remember Felix, maybe Sam?”

Yeah. Good.

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July 30th, 2005 at 5:41 pm

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