Big Red Car

Oscar had his botox injections today. Yes, botox has a purpose for good not just the vanity of yummy mummies, trophy wives and rich old hags.

We LOVE Sydney Children’s Hospital. Not for what it is and what it means when we’re there, but for the people in it. Truly remarkable, caring, generous, patient people who deal with kids every single day that are sick, stressed, scared and just kid-like.

The downside of course, is waiting. And when your kid is starving, scared and bored, the creation of a Postman Pat like push around car is a gift that proves the existence of a greater being. Oscar can push this car around or be pushed around in it quite happily for HOURS. Today showed growth and development as he also, on occassion, did sit on his bed and watch TV. Only those who understand what twice yearly (or more) visits to the Ambulatory Care unit will appreciate the joy that is a child who will happily sit still and watch TV for hours.

Anyway, he had his botox, got his super legs – and is home. The other upside of hospital visits like today, is that we were home by 2pm and with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fired up in the DVD,

PS – to clarify the V.V.V. issue – I don’t have them, well I think I had one but it went down, but apparently, because its the third and it seems to like burrowing through my pelvis, I’m a prime candidate for them to come back in all their ropey glory.