Ahh the good old days…

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During our blissful Sunday which involved spontaneous park visits and MacDonalds, I referred to some time in my dark distant past to the boys. The-soon-to-be-Middle-Child asked “so Grampy was married to Grandmama?”.

This is always an interesting conversation.

Anyway, after reassuring him that yes Mummy and Daddy were married and no, neither of us had ever been married before, the following question filled the car like that weird expand-a-foam…

Felix: So Mummy, what if a boy wants to marry another boy or a girl wants to marry another girl.
Mummy: Well Felix, sometimes boys fall in love with boys and girls with girls, in a way like Mummy and Daddy love each other… (and so on and so forth.)

Seriously, what ever happened to the Mummy, why do spiders have eight legs? Mummy why is the sky blue? Mummy, why is my snot green?

I yearn for these questions.

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July 26th, 2005 at 11:03 pm

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