Transformers are real

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Wondrous things happen when your kids get older:
1) they sleep more
2) they don’t seem to cry as much
3) they give you cuddles and tell you they love you, as opposed to crying, clinging, whimpering, whinging and gutting every cupboard in your house in the process..just because they can.
4) they say really funny things:
F: Mummy, Transformers are real you know.
M: Really, like in a world like ours?
F: No, in our world. I even know where they live.
M: Wow, that’s pretty cool.
F: Yeah, they live in Tasmania.
M: Oh my goodness, that’s amazing. Do they travel all over the world from there?
F: Yeah, and I even know what suburb.
M: Which one?
F: Accident and Emergency.
M: That is amazing. Pretty cool huh.
F: Yeah. They’re real.

5) they generally can feed themselves.
6) they start to get food and drinks for themselves when hungry or thirsty, rather than crying, clinging, whimpering, whinging and gutting every cupboard in your house as some sort of covert message telling you they really feel like a slice of cheese.
7) they learn stuff and you can almost see their brains absorbing the information and using it. Seeing a child learn to read is simply remarkable.
8) you have really cool conversations:
F: So Mummy, to make a baby a daddy has to put his doodle into the Mummy’s va…
M: Yes Felix, that is how a baby gets made.
F: hmmm

9) the ‘but why’s’ get a whole lot more interesting
10) you finally see that maybe, just maybe you haven’t ruined your life but have created a person that is funny, caring, determined, loyal and thoughtful. Then again:
M: So what did you get up to at school today?
F: I formed a gang.
M: Really? Wow. Who’s in the gang?
F: Anyone who wants to join, but just boys. You can be in the gang one day and not the next, but then you can come back if you feel like it. But only for boys.
M: I really like that you let people join in or not when they feel like it. That’s really thoughtful. But why can’t girls join in?
F: Because Jillian has the girl gang.
M: Oh I see, so what sort of things does the gang do?
F: Kill each other mainly. Have big battles and lots of karate fights.

And for Nude Tuesday is a request to keep it on, because about the only thing worse that TomKat, is the thought of TomKat nude…although getting ride of those gold shoes would definitely be palatable.

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June 28th, 2005 at 10:23 am

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