Pure gold

OK, lighter moment…

Last night I watched Napoleon Dynamite on DVD. This movie is now officially in my Top 10. From his teenage apathy, to the iron-on transfer t-shirts, high waisted pants and comprehensively appalling glasses, Napoleon Dynamite exists to make us all feel good about our high-school years. Plus, it features the girl who was the daughter in Meg Ryan’s reliable tear-jerker movie when she’s the alcoholic mum… the name of which eludes me at the moment. That and the brother Kip who “has an online chat date at 4pm” who morphs into a homeboy… priceless. Oh, and the Happy Hands Club who sign to cheesy songs…Spend some time on its website, you will get the picture.

Then…in an attempt to break the crankiness-of-Kim, I watched I love Huckabees. Another Top-10er. Not bad considering I classify Jude Law and Naomi Watts as wallpaper actors who just flash eyes/lips/teeth or flesh for effect.