– how, after almost two days of a training course on communicating with people who have different communication styles (read: social morons who simply don’t get humour in emails, are fault-phobic and see no problem with emails written entirely in caps) and different modus-operandi, can you sit in a role play (which btw, I HATE) and be exactly.the.same.as.before.the.two.day.love.in? There are some people I will never understand, although now I can do so with the throw-away – they must be an expressive driver personality.

– how many times can you peruse an Ikea catalogue before tiring of it and screaming – enough beech enough!

– can I be so surprised I scored a perfect 10 to slot me nicely into the psychological profile of being ‘analytical’? So I like using the same coloured pegs on like coloured clothing, and if I can’t do that at least using the same coloured pegs on whatever the clothing article is I’m pegging? So if I can write a list or put something into a table I will (this does not extend to excel spreadsheets, a program that scares me and one I freely offer to the truly crazy analyticals who like numbers and that). So I enjoy colour-coding the boys wardrobe and hanging their school shirts in order for the week (ie – shirt, shirt, shirt, sport shirt, shirt). So I LIKE having set shelves in the refrigertor for dairy goods, condiments, left overs, baking items (such as nuts, dried fruits and eggs). So I have a photographic memory inventory of every item in our pantry – so when my husband calls me at work asking if we have more coffee/sugar/biscuits/hidden chocolate stash I can direct him to it more precisely than a GPS would be able to. So SO? If its any consolation I also scored 8.8 for expressive and 8.6 for amiable. So at least I’m a friendly, outgoing lime-light seeking obsessive analytical type.

Yesterday was library day – fittingly, it was the workshopping of the first chapter of my novel (stop laughing) at uni. I suitably traumatised everyone with graphic scenes of a murder and am feeling pretty stoked everyone loved it. At the moment its called Mountain Song, but that changes at least weekly. I hope to have it finished before I die.