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Well, in Bec’s silence this week (something about being a grown-up and in a position of authority as her employer spends much of this week on newspaper front pages and the like) I must have gone out in sympathy.

Last week she forgot to return Pea Princess’ library book on the right day so once again the poor deprived child was denied the joys of library day and borrowing a book. In the midst of maternal guilt, I explained to Bec (as a means of commiseration) that I used to HIDE books on shelves at my local library so no-one could borrow them and they’d be there for me the next time I went in to do homework but would read bodice rippers instead (all the while then trying to will away the weird tingling sensations that, being a good Christian private school girl, I thought would banish me to hell). I’m not sure why I didn’t make the connection of “I’m in a library so why not just borrow the book” but I’m sure it had something to do with teenage angst about those virginal pure librarians then knowing I was reading books that had s.e.x. in them…

So this week – in leaving the getting-ready-for-school routine to the husband – library day was missed in our household for both children. Deprivation in the 21st Century.

For regular readers you may notice I have updated (on our collective behalf) the links section of the site. This is an eclectic mix:

  • Dooce because she is basically the inspiration for Bec and I to do this, and she sums up parenting so perfectly its now actually an addiction.
  • Blurbomat – because its by Dooce’s hubby, he looks like Jason Lee (which is not a bad thing at all) and loves Dooce with such comprehensive unrelenting divineness it has to be celebrated. He does sometimes talk weird techie talk during which I forget to listen, but he’s adorable all the same.
  • Snarkywood – because well, just read it and you will understand. Favourites: Britney, Whitney and Paula…pure gold.
  • The SMH and Australian – because we’re both news-junkies and a very very dear friend of mine writes for The Australian (plus we have to at least pretend to care about the latest bi-election in rural WA, Qld or Tasmania)
  • The Awful Truth – because its hilarious gossipy Hollywood trash – what more could we want.
  • Lifestart – because this is (in part) my site and this organisation saved our lives. They do amazing empowering work with families of kids with special needs on a daily basis. They also have no money – so anyone reading this working for a multinational or any organisation who wants to feel good about itself – please give it to them. They will work with Oscar’s new school next year to help ensure its success. See, good works…

When Bec resurfaces I am sure she will add to this eclectic list.

Now…back to library day.

I haven’t been reading anything substantial as I had my manuscript to submit for this semester. Now that is all done I am treating myself (before next semester kicks in) to some serious reading of Vanity Fair. (Note to commuters: best thing about an hour plus bus trip each morning and afternoon – you get to read VF cover to cover.) I used to read this mag religiously when I was earning money just for me (as opposed to now when it goes to pesky things like kids clothes, food and petrol) and, as we’re currently in the depths of poverty, it seemed fitting to spend almost 10 bucks on such an import once more. Apart from loving it because it reveals a life I will never lead, it has some spectacular writing. Anyway, I love the writing of James Woolcott – and have found he too has a blog:

My next book of choice is going to be Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson – a book highly recommended in my class at uni.

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June 23rd, 2005 at 2:17 pm

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