It’s an all too familiar story…

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One of the shining lights of my year at uni started one of his first pieces to air with this line.

It was his intro for a story about a plane crash. As in:
“It’s an all too familiar story. Planes go up, dead bodies come down.”

I am not kidding.

While its certainly not an auspicious start to a television career, it is the perfect segue into my comments about plane crashes and air shows. Besides, is there anything more enjoyable that regaling the world with humilating tales about other people, particularly ones they hope to the core of their soul, everyone has forgotten?

But peoples, why why why is the heir to Walmart flying around in a h.o.m.e.m.a.d.e plane??? I mean really, the dude could have bought a couple of leer jets?

And why why why would anyone in their right mind go flying in a group of 22 light planes – IN FOG – and not realise the stats were certainly favouring the floor not the air?

How many air shows must we endure before we realise, “oh yes, all those planes in one place, doing wild and wacky things that defy gravity – what’s the likelihood one of them will come crashing to the ground in a ball of flames?”

I mean, derrr.

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June 29th, 2005 at 2:04 pm

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