I tend to be a worrier

so much so that in the early years of our relationship (ie pre-children and poverty) my husband would say, “what are you thinking about?” to which I could reply with any of the following
– “how are we ever going to solve poverty in the third world”
– “I can’t believe the logging of old-growth forests continues and that the notion of jobs is the main proponent of sustaining its existence”
– “why on earth is it a battle to ensure whaling is outlawed and that the world continually gets sold, and accepts the pup, that Japan is whaling for science”
– “just how irritating it is that white collar crimes, which can dessimate the lives of far more than a robery or even a murder, but the punishments are so light in comparison”
… you get the picture. These things occupied and indeed, on occassion, could keep me awake at night.

So here we are – these issues still remain, we have a government soon to be in absolute power that consistently allies itself to countries that bully others with the mindset of ‘its my way or the highway’ and are willing to swallow any notion of humanity in the name of policy, security or just some irrational moral high-ground.

These things still keep me awake and still worry me. Now I just have concerns about the welfare of our children and our woeful seemingly never-ending financial plight too.

Ain’t life grand.